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Share you adventures with us to win an award!

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Share you adventures with us to win an award!

Postby FenixLight » Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:44 am

Worldwide Fenix Consumer Appreciation Season!

Share the adventures of you and Fenix products with us to win an award!

1.1. Follow Fenix Facebook: Fenix Worldwide
1.2 Ways to enter (either a or b):
a. Post a true story of you and Fenix light with both words and pictures or videos on FB, blog, Youtube, forum, etc., and then send the relevant link to
b. Send your story with both words and pictures or videos to
1.3 Please note that the winner list will be announced on the Fenix official website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. on Jan., 15th, 2015.

2. Awards:
The Longest Companions E41

The Most Moving Stories LD22

The Best Shared Stories CL20

The Best Photographs HL50

Honorable Mentions E05

3. Time: Dec.9th, 2014 - Jan.9th , 2015

4. Notes
4.1 The stories shared shall be true, with both words and pictures, or videos, etc.
4.2 Fenix has the right to use the winners’ articles, pictures and videos, etc. for free.
4.3 Fenix reserves the right of final interpretation.

Learn more:
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